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Ink Jet Printers

The Sauven range of ink jet printers are all designed as industrial inkjet printers for coding and marking solutions.

The critical design criteria for each product are ease of use, low maintenance and cost effectiveness whilst giving ultra high resolution printing.

Modular inkjet printer

Sauven 700 large character inkjet printer puts the user in control of cost per print for label printing.

The Sauven 700 is a high resolution inkjet printer offering 4 shades of print intensity making cost per print a choice of the user.

The Windows based software was especially designed with label printing in mind, an area where controlling the cost per print is paramount. By printing directly onto boxes instead of using labels, the cost efficiency increases dramatically.

Sauven700 offers further integration flexibility and can link with databases, allows full remote control by existing production management software and offers full networking capability including wifi.

Modular inkjet printer

Sauven 600 has the lowest cost of ownership, with its zero maintenance for small character printing.

Simple Windows programming with pictorial keys and an optional Sauven TOUCH controller.

Uses sealed ink cartridges for coding and marking onto all porous or non-porous materials including PCV, glass, metal, cardboard, textiles, plastic, wood etc.

A truly multifunctional printer for all industries including food, drink, pharmaceutical, medical and converting.

Sauven 500

Sauven 500 designed for low cost inkjet printing onto cartons, sacks and trays using True Type fonts and Unicode for message creation in any language.

An out of the box simple printer using either a USB stick for messages or connected directly to a PC via USB or Ethernet or Sauven Touch..

Prints up to 8 lines of text, graphics, barcodes and 2D codes with 18mm total print height created using Sauven Pro5 easy to use software.

Sauven Pro5 Software

Sauven Pro software can be used on a PC or with the Sauven Touch controller offering unlimited message storage.

The program is windows based and allows programming in any language. Pictorial keys make programming simple and instinctive., can be used off line or in line.

One Sauven Touch controller can operate several printers individually (one by one) or simultaneously in a network.

Modular inkjet printer

Sauven 1000 modular inkjet system allows you to connect up to four 1000 printers together with a 1000 controller to suit your application.

There are three different designs of 1000 printers and each can print up to 18mm of print height with up to 8 text lines, barcodes, graphics and 2D data matrix codes.

Different inks enable printing onto non-porous materials (plastic, glass, metal) or porous surfaces (cardboard, wood, gypsum).

Inkjet printing cartons and sacks

Sauven 6000Plus with enhanced features for printing cartons and sacks.

Two models available with the option of printing 2.5mm - 17mm or 2.5mm - 34mm of text height, graphics or barcodes in single or multi lines.

It has a large colour graphic WYSIWYG screen ideal for complex message creation. It offers full capability for integration between printers, factory network systems or industrial scanners and encoders.

industrial inkjet printers

Sauven 6000RPlus for small character printing.

Low cost per print and low maintenance makes this printer a really affordable alternative to complex CIJ printers. Similar to the Codajet 6000R but with full networking capability and an automatic print head shutter for ensuring perfect printing in intermittent or continuous applications and harsh environments without operator intervention.

Suitable for use with UV curing inks.

Barcode printer

Sauven 7000 high resolution ink jet printer with up to 70mm print height.

It eliminates the need for costly pre-printed packaging or labels by directly printing text, barcodes and graphics on to cartons, trays, sacks or products.

It can be used as a simple stand alone easy to program printer or integrated into a full production network system. A colour graphic WYSIWYG screen simplifies message creation and editing.

Compact box printer

Codajet 6000 is a compact high resolution printer for cartons and sacks.

It is typically used for printing 2.5mm - 18mm of text height or graphics in one or more lines onto an outer package or product.

The simplicity of this printer and the ease of installation or swapping between production lines guarantee maximum uptime in a production factory.

Industrial ink jet printer

Codajet 6000R printer is one of the lowest cost per code and lowest maintenance small character printers.

It offers a real alternative to complex CIJ printers at a very affordable price. It is typically used to print best before dates onto products on a production line in high resolution print quality.